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True Steppers featuring Victoria Beckham
Out Of Your Mind

Who do you think you are,
telling me I've gone too far?
You must be out of your mind
Telling your friends I was buggin' (buggin') you,
but you weren't playin' true
Stepping out of your mind

Open your eyes, while you trouble me
Expensive lies but you're playin' for free
I gave you what you want, what you need
My time is wasting but for you it's a breeze

You're out of your mind
Gonna make this really easy for you
(I'm not out of my mind)
Gonna show you I'm not crazy, boy
You're wasting my time
(I'm not wasting your time)
Your out of your mind
(Your out of your mind)
Out of your mind

Thinking you were someone special,
time has shown and now I know how wrong I've been
Always feeling that you're using me,
confusing me, two-timing me,
I can't remember how long has it been?



You sing a song and people jump on you
What this guy is saying can't be true
All I'm saying is that some girls can't trip
Start buggin' and buggin' and make me wanna flip
I like the spice


(Chorus x2)

True Steppers, you're out of your mind
Ice Cream, you're out of your mind
Timbelow, you're out of your mind
Dane, you're out of your mind
This tune gonna punish you